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Q. Please do us all a favor and make this a Delaware Valley (PA, NJ, DE) only event in 2009. The professional eater idea and their acceptance into Wing Bowl are old and really do not satisfy the WIP listeners. It's a Philly event and Philly deserves a local guy or gal as its winner. Please consider this suggestion or this great local event will really begin to lose all its excitement and Philly uniqueness.


A. We are greatly concerned about the emergence of “outsiders” dominating Wing Bowl, and we are hard at work trying to come up with a way to bring it back to its roots. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it might seem. Because it is broadcast on WIP, the contest is governed by the FCC, and we must conform to some stringent rules in running it. Our thought right now – 11 months away from the next Wing Bowl – is to have an event that is strictly for amateurs in 2009. Anyone who is or has been associated with a professional-eating organization would be ineligible. I hope – if we can get this plan approved – that it will address many of the concerns about the competition in Wing Bowl 17.


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