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On Friday November 21st , My Brother and I went to Dadz Bar and Grill on Route 38 in Lumberton, New Jersey. We went to try their wings after hearING nothing but good things about them. We got there around 9, wasn’t too busy and got a seat in the back area where a band would be playing around 10. We looked at the menu to see what they offered, they offered 2 different types of wings, Wings (with flour on them ) and Naked wings (without flour on them) and 13 sauces (Asian - BBQ - Bourbon - Caribbean - Garlic - Jerk -Mild-Medium - Hot - Super Hot - Hotter Than Hell - Cajun - Old Bay). My Brother got 6 garlic, 6 medium and 6 Old Bay, I stuck to my usual 18 mild. We got the wings and dug right into them, we both agreed they were very meaty and the sauce on the mild and medium wings was just an average sauce with nothing special about it, which is never a bad thing. My brother said the garlic wings were delicious and the Old Bay wings were different but good. This was the first place that I saw to offer Old Bay wings, I heard of fries with Old Bay seasoning on them but never wings. Another cool thing about Dadz is that it is all you can eat wings which includes soup, salad and garlic bread on Tuesdays 11am-11pm. Overall the atmosphere, the wings and the prices were not bad and I would definitely recommend trying this place out when you get a chance. It was also rated Burlington County Times best wings 2008.

Route 38 and Madison Ave
Lumberton, NJ
phone: 609 267 4344


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