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by american wing king staff writer : Frank DeFulgentis September 21 at 8:26pm

The wing shack on 4650 E. Michigan St. in Orlando, Florida is the place to be on Sundays during football season. The owner, Shawn Casey is from Philly and each week he hosts the largest Eagles celebration in the city. Being that Florida has three NFL teams you would think the Eagles would not be such an attraction. However as you notice the crowds of people in eagles white and green pouring in you begin to realize that this is more than your typical wingshack/sports bar.

As my wife Amy and I sat down at our table two waitresses introduced themselves to us and began helping us with our orders. When you consider the fact that this place gets really crowded during game time this is good. One of the things I like about this bar is that I do not have to wait 45 minutes for another beer if I want one. So right away I felt taken care of.

As the Fox pregame show ended and the eagles players came out onto the field Shawn turned down the volume and put on the rocky theme. The place was filled with beers and cheers and after Shawn played a recording of God bless America we waited for kickoff.

Just after the Eagles scored we got our food and as I took in each delicious tasting bite I looked up at the decor around me. There are framed throwback jerseys of Reggie White, Jerome Brown, and Bill Bergey next to a large painting of Donovan McNabb. When the eagles scores the bar sings Fly eagles fly and one of the waitresses walks around waving a large eagles flag.

I got the 24 wings platter, medium. Even though I go for taste more than spiciness I am definitely going to move up to hot for next time. However, the wings were not lacking in taste and I didn't miss a beat. When I put away that batch the waittress was nice enough to bring some samples of their trophy wings. The trophy wings are basically just a combination of all of their flavors: Mild, Medium, Hot, Suicide, Garlic, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Teriyaki, Cajun, Lemon Pepper. I give the wingshack 4 out of five stars. I don't say that lightly either because I am hard to please when it comes to wings.

Everything about this place is fun. When you are so far from where you grew up your entire life the one thing you miss the most after you leave is the sports. But it's good to know that I have people to throw down frosty mugs with and high five while watching my eagles and smacking down some tasty morsels.

Some more info:
they have two websites

And they also have me on their mailing list where they announce flyers and sixers events


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