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Pic-a-lilli Inn aka "The Pic" - Shamong

Pic-a-lilli Inn aka "The Pic" - Shamong

by staff writer: Owen Brennan

Anyone in Ocean county, Burlington county, maybe even Mercer county that owns a motorcycle knows of this bar. I also believe that every fireman in the tri counties knows of this bar because their wings are so hot, they have their own fire truck. Maybe every biker, and fireman has been to this bar. It is definitely my favorite wing spot. Full sized wings, sweet, tangy, garlic, butter sauce, and the coldest beer just makes this bar, a treasure in the woods. My wife and I jumped on the Harley Davidson and just cruised around in the pine barons for about 2 hours and made it to, as what locals call it, "The Pic." When we walked in, we were greeted pleasantly by the female bartender that looked like she could easily beat up me, and the 2 other fellas that walked in with me, and she was only about 110 pounds. Very friendly though. She served up some Yeungling in a frosted glass, hooked us up with the…

The Chicken or the Egg - lbi wings

Chicken or the Egg
aka the chegg

by staff writer Owen Brennan

While vacationing on Long Beach Island, NJ, I heard very many good things about the wings at the Chicken or the Egg. After a long night of story telling and and laughing and drinking a few too many beers, nothing sounded better than some chicken wings. We got there around 9:30 am and there was no line, about 3 tables in the whole restaurant were filled and every waiter/waitress looked like they also had a rough night. The decor resembled something out of a beach boys music video with a touch of Katy Perry, both I thoroughly enjoy.

I ordered mild wings. The waiter, "Rob," said they were the most popular. I enjoyed an omelette as well since it was breakfast time and it just seemed like the right thing to do at the time. After my traditional breakfast was complete, the mild, wet, wings appeared in front of me. They smelled so good, it voided the breakfast I had just consumed. After the first bite into the full siz…