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45th Street Pub vs. Ott’s vs. Whistlers Inn

BY Staff Writer : Randy Lovelace

Three Towns. Three Bars. Thirty-two Buffalo Wings.
45th Street Pub vs. Ott’s vs. Whistlers Inn

45th Street Pub

I sat down in my stool (Look, I have a ‘condition’). Okay, I sat down at the bar. The environment could be summed up as “hillbilly funk”. It was pretty slow that night. However, it took about five minutes before the bartender acknowledged my existence. I thought I was Patrick Swayze’s ghost…not the one in Ghost, his actual one... Anyway, I ordered my Sam Wheat, err…I mean Samuel Adams and ordered ten hot buffalo wings, well done, for $7.49 (It was Coors Light by the way). When I received my wings, I was given two bowls, one for the wings, and one for dispensing the bones. Overall, 45th Street Pub had the best presentation. However, the wings did not come out with celery so they did lose some points for that. I really don’t care for celery though. After biting in, the wing itself was a tad bit on the salty side, and I like salty food. T…

Francesca's Pizza, Pasta, and Grill

By staff writer : Owen Brennan
After arriving at my friends house, my normal conversation commenced, "Who has the best wings around here?" He thought about it for a minute and said, "Francesca's." I figured it was an Italian restuarant but didn't expect it to be a pizza place in a small strip mall. My hopes werent high since almost every pizza joint in Jersey has the exact same wings. All from a restuarant depot that has a ton of frozen wings packed in the freezer. Anytime i've ordered wings from a pizza place, they come with 1 sauce flavor, and a blob of blue cheese dressing. NOT Francesca's!! Several different kinds of sauce, generously applied to each and every wing. I had "BBQ mild" sauce on my order. We had them delivered since we were all having a good time drinking at the house. Delivery time was about 45 minutes, which isnt bad at all for it being a Saturday night. The delivery guy came, i met him at the door and when we exchanged …


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