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Byrne's Tavern - Port Richmond (Philadelphia) PA

Anthony and I just had lunch at Byrne's Tavern in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia, PA. First off, I'd like to say how easy this place is to get to. It's just off of I95. You can actually see it from the highway. It has a huge crab on the side of the brick building with a gigantic shamrock behind it. "Welcome to friendly Port Richmond" is a very inviting slogan. This tavern has a great Irish feel to it, when you get to it, there is plenty of parking which is a huge plus for a place in the city. Once you walk in, you're greeted by the friendly staff. I haven't been there in about 10 months, and only 3 times or so before that, and the waitress' Rox both remembered my name, asked me about my son, and even asked me how things were going in the town that i live in. That alone is amazing! But we don't write reviews on customer service haha. Still amazing though. When we sat down, we were given our menus, which is like 3 pages long. Typical bar …

The Bayou Bar and Grill- Manayunk, PA

by Sarita Cini

Don’t be surprised to find the patrons of Bayou Bar and Grill sectioned off according to team jerseys bearing names like "Saggy TD's" and "Dixie Normous." As a sports bar, the Bayou takes this designation literally, organizing various sports leagues
for Manayunk Sport and Social Club. You'll find many of the players following up competition on the field with a post-game drink here. Welcome the urge to lapse into the nostalgia of your high school athletic career. Everyone else is doing the same. Keep in mind though, you don't need to wear cleats or know Vick's completion percentage to enjoy the wings served at this Main Street Manayunk joint. What you do need is an appreciation for the small-sized wing and a well-flavored sauce. Bring first-timers out on a Monday when wings are 20 cents apiece and watch their reaction turn from ecstatic over the price to completely disillusioned when the little guys arrive. Yes, they serve up a smaller w…

Russell's Pic II - Hammonton, NJ

I have driven past this place many times on Rt. 30 but never have had time to stop by for some food. Today, I made it my mission to eat lunch at Russell's. Every "Pic " that I have ever eaten at has always had amazing wings, so I was hoping this place did not let me down. I would consider this bar, a "locals" kinda establishment. A few regulars were here and everyone knew each other , besides me , so I stood out like a sore thumb. The bar had a musty smell to it, reminded me of my fraternity house after a night of partying. There was no music playing and the TV was playing reruns of Dennis the Menace. The atmosphere was kinda off, but I wasn't there to meet my future wife and get crazy , I was there for the wings! I placed my order of food and grabbed a drink. I was pleased because they had sugar free Red Bulls, always a plus in my book. Just like I had hoped, the Pic wings did not let me down. The flavors that Russell's offer is Mild, Spicy, Hot , Extr…

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Buffalo's Chicken Shack- Spicy Wing Challenge

We Challenged anyone and everyone to come out and enter our spicy wing challenge. Prior to issuing an open challenge to the public, many folks would come in and ask about how spicy can we make the wings. We would hear stories about sauces at several wing places, some good, some not so. Many would ask how we made our sauce citing its flavor and mildness. As time went on, the demands to make the buffalo sauce hotter and hotter grew. Until we finally came up with a sauce that would satisfy most any need for heat.

The "Numb Ya Face" sauce was created. This sauce has met every boastful challenger's desire for heat and flavor. It is made based from the mother mild buffalo sauce, it offers the same delicious flavor and usually takes a while for the heat to settle in, in the meantime, diners are enjoying the flavor and then the heat starts to turn on and on and on, (you get the picture). The pace at which the heat increases in exponential, (has anyone ever used the word "…